A complete guide to buying a Pool Table!

At Pooltables.ch we have numerous ranges of high quality Pool and Snooker Tables. Each of our Pool and Snooker Tables are designed to allow you the freedom to decide on the finer details, allowing you to put your own twist on your table! We have 10 Pool Table ranges that all have their own unique design features. The Pool Table ranges we offer all come with different variations that you can choose, such as, table size, wood type and colour, cloth type and colour etc.

This guide has been made in order to help you decide the perfect table for you and to steer you in the right direction. The guide includes advice and information on game types and ball sizes, pool table sizes and heights, multi-use tables, custom table options and the pool table slates.

Game Types

Here at Pooltables.ch, we offer a wide range of high quality Pool and Snooker Tables that can be customised to suit what’s best for you. When deciding on the most appropriate table for you, first you must consider which game type you wish to play on your slate bed Pool or Snooker Table. We offer a range of game types, as well as actual Pool Tables sizes to allow for an enjoyable game of your choice! Below are the various game types that we can offer, please read this section before purchasing from us to ensure clarity in the game type you are wanting.

If you do have any further questions please do ask.

English Pool

English Pool is typically played on a 6′ or 7′ Table with small 2inch (50.8mm) balls, therefore smaller pockets. If you are restricted for space and can only fit a 5′, 6′ or 7′ table in your Pool room we recommend the English Pool version of the game.

American Pool:

American Pool is typically played on a 7′, 8′ or 9′ Table with larger 2 1/4inch (57mm) balls, therefore larger pockets. The game of Nine ball is also typically played on an American Pool Table. If you would like a 8′ or 9′ Pool table we recommend you choose an American Pool Table.


Snooker is typically played on a 12′ table however if you can not fit such a big table in your Snooker Room you can have a Snooker table made as small as 6′.
Snooker balls are 52.5mm hence the pockets on a snooker table are quite small in comparison to American Pool making it a harder game to master.


A Carom table has no pockets, hence an unusual version of Billiards, however it is a traditional version of the game originating in France in the 18th century. Carom balls are 61.5mm.

Russian Pyramid:

Russian Pyramid is officially played on a 12′ table, but again can be played on anything from a 7′ Table. The Pockets on a Russian Pyramid table are extremely tight, where the corner pockets are only 4-5mm wider than the diameter of the balls.


If you are looking for a version of billards table that isn’t listed here, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

Ball Sizes

To better help you understand the various game types we offer, below is an image of the balls that are associated with each game type. Starting with the first ball, being the smallest, for English pool, all the way up to the largest ball, which is used in a game of Russian Pyramid.

Please familiarise yourself with both the game types and their corresponding ball sizes before purchasing one of our Pool or Snooker Tables. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us!

Pool Table Sizes

At Pooltables.ch we provide tables that have a lot of variation in their design. One of the ways to customise our Pool tables is through the size of the table itself, we offer a selection of Pool Table Sizes to best fulfil your needs.

Below is an image of the various high-quality Pool Tables sizes that we offer, ranging from a 5ft table, all the way to a 12ft table. Also included in the image are specific dimensions of each table size, as well as the required room size for each table size. This information should be noted when thinking about buying one of our Pool Tables, due to a lot of our Pool Tables being slightly larger than the size given to them by name.

We suggest that the smaller tables, 5ft to 7ft tables, to be used for English Pool because English Pool is typically played on our 5′ and 6′ size of tables, but please note that these sizes are also known as 6′ and 7′ English Pool Tables. This is due to the two types of measuring a pool table, through either the playing area (American method) or the total size of the table (English method), although neither is an exact science!

Our 7tf to 9ft sized Pool Tables, would be recommended to be used play American Pool, as American Pool is played with larger balls and pockets, hence a larger table required. From our 10ft tables and upwards, we suggest being used for Snooker, Carom or Russian Pryamid. However, these are only our suggestions, you can choose the table size and game type to suit you.

Pool Table Heights

Contemporary Pool Table Heights 

The Contemporary Pool Table is a popular table of ours as it has the added feature of doubling up as a Pool Dining Table. Our Contemporary Pool and Dining Table can also be bought with a rise and fall system, this allows the Contemporary Pool Table to be used at the two ideal heights for both dining and playing the game of your choice. More on this table can be found in the link in the title of this section.

Below are the heights of the Contemporary Pool Table, at a fixed height, without the rise and fall system, and the heights with the additional rise and fall system.

Contemporary Pool Table (Fixed Height):

  • Floor to dining top: 797mm
  • Floor to bottom frame (leg room): 680mm (more leg room than the Modern range due to a 60mm thinner frame)
  • Floor to playing surface: 740mm

Contemporary Pool Table with Rise and Fall System:

  • Floor to dining top (when lowered): 752mm
  • Floor to bottom frame (leg room) when lowered: 635mm
  • Floor to playing surface (when lifted): 760mm

Modern Pool Table Heights

Our Modern Pool Table is another popular and well-rounded table of ours, and like the Contemporary range, has the ability to be used as a comfortable Pool Dining Table as well as an excellent Pool Table itself. More information can be found on this table through the link in the Modern Pool Table Heights title. Below are the heights of the Modern Pool Dining Table.

Modern Pool Table (fixed height):

  • Floor to dining top: 797mm
  • Floor to bottom frame (leg room): 620mm
  • Floor to playing surface: 740mm

Multi-use Pool Tables

Our Pool Table ranges are very diverse and the majority of our Pool Tables are able to have multiple purposes, for example 6 of our Pool Tables are able to be Pool Dining Tables. These Pool Dining Tables are purposely adapted to be suitable and comfortable dining tables, as well as pool tables. If you would like we can also place a poker cloth on the underside of our dining tops, please contact us if you require this as it is something we don’t do often. More on Pool Dining Tables can be found in a separate guide titled, ‘Pool Dining Table Buying Guide’. Below is an image of one of our Pool Dining Tables

If you are considering building a games room then utilising the space is one of the key element to ensure it is a success. If you would like a Pool Table and a Table Tennis Table, then it makes perfect sense to combine the two. A Table Tennis Top can be added to our Pool or Snooker Tables to make it multi-use. The Table Tennis Tops are split into 2 sections to make the process of alternating between Pool and Table Tennis quick and easy. They simply sit on top of one of our Pool Tables and have three disks underneath each section of the top. These lay inside the cushions of your table to ensure the top is stable and doesn’t move in the event of bumping into it.

We have these Tennis Table tops available in three different sizes, which can be chosen to suit the size of your room and table. We can provide these table tennis tops in either blue (all sizes) or black (standard table tennis size) and they come with a retractable net, four bats and six balls.

Custom Options

If you are looking for a Bespoke table, cloth or benches, then the chances are we can help! In the past we have done many bespoke tables and cloths for a number of clients, including some famous names, with great success.

We have excellent craftsmen who will hand make your personally designed bespoke table or benches to meet your design. If you are interested in Pooltables.ch creating your ideal bespoke Pool or Snooker Table, then please contact us with your ideas, and any images that you have created or found to help us visualise your plans. From there we can start exploring possibilities and then finalise the bespoke design and dimensions, then we can begin work on your table! As well as bespoke pool tables, we can do bespoke cloths, what we require is a high resolution image of the design, with the correct colour background on the image sent to us by email ([email protected]).

If there are any bespoke designs or special features that you are desiring then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pool Table Slates

Here at Pooltables.ch we use a very high quality Slate Bed for our Pool Tables, however, in special circumstances we can source lightweight alternatives if you require.

In regards to the thickness of the Slate Bed that we use, it varies between each Pool Table size and style, however, for all the table sizes and styles we use an extremely high quality slate bed, sourced from Brazil which is now largely thought to be the leading manufacturer of Pool and Snooker Table Slate Beds. The slates we use come in three different thicknesses, 19mm, 25mm and 44mm.

When it comes to the slate thickness, the general rule is that the thicker the slate, the more stable and less prone to snagging.

All of our English Pool Tables, American Pool Tables and Snooker Tables follow the same size guide in terms of the slate thickness, shown below. We use a thicker slate for the larger tables, this is because the bigger the span a slate has to cover the more strength it requires to remain stable.

Our Pool Dining Tables are built with a 19mm slate. This is due to a key design element of a good Pool Dining Table is that they require a slim frame to allow ample leg room whilst keeping the dining height as close to the standard dining height of around 76cm. If we were to use a thicker slate then a wider frame would be required to support the extra weight and keep the table stable. To compensate for using a relatively thin slate on our Pool Dining Table we ensure that we only use the best and most stable slates available. Our tables are also designed with very good support under the slates to ensure once installed they remain perfectly level.

We hope this Pool Table Buying Guide helps with your decision making on which table you like best! If there were any questions that weren’t answered here, then please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

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