Pool Dining Table Buying Guide

Pool Dining Tables Overview

We now have 7 different ranges of Pool Tables which can double up as a Pool Dining Table. Our Modern, Contemporary, Slimline, Industrial, Farmhouse, Outdoor and Skinny Pool Table. All of these tables can be used as truly multi-functional tables including being a Pool Table, Dining Table and Table Tennis Table without too much compromise. They all have their unique design features, therefore, if in any doubt we suggest giving us a call to talk through your requirements so that we can help point you in the right direction.

This ‘Pool Dining Table buying guide’ is designed to help you know what to look out for when choosing a Pool Dining Table for your home or business. If you would like to speak to us for advise we would be happy to hear from you!

One of the key design aspects of a good Pool Dining Table, in addition to being a high quality Pool Table is for it to have a narrow frame to allow good leg clearance. Chunky Pool Tables will not work due to not being able to fit your legs under the table whilst keeping the height of the table at an acceptable level. It is also important for the pockets not to hang down hence look unsightly and get in the way of your legs when dining.

Our Pool Dining Tables either have elastic pockets which lie flat to the slate and stretch as ball are potted, a hidden ball return system, or ball return trays / rails which fold away when not in use.

The height of the table is vital to ensure comfortable dining and a high quality game of Pool. Our Pool Diners can either come as a fixed height which is slightly lower than a standard Pool Table and slightly higher than a standard Dining Table, or with a Rise and Fall system which takes it between the two ideal heights.
Last but not least the build quality of the table will have a big impact on it’s appearance and also playability.

All our Pool Diners  are made from solid wood, with the choice of either Oak, Ash or Birch – with exception of our new Slimline and Industrial Pool Tables, which are built from Steel. All of these models can be finished in a large combination of colours and designs. We also only use high quality slates, and they are professionally installed to ensure they are perfectly true.

Click the image below to open link to our instagram post of the rise and fall system in action.

Dining Top Options

We offer a few different options with regards to the actual dining top, for our Pool Dining Tables . All of our Indoor Pool Dining Tables come with the option of veneered wood dining top or a glass dining top. Please note, that all of our dining tops come in two sections.

Our matching oak veneered wood dining top is sold more commonly with our Modern, Contemporary and Farmhouse Pool Dining Tables. The matching oak veneered dining tops are ideal if you want to disguise the fact you’re dining table is in fact a Pool Table! As well, we do offer a thinner profile of veneered wood dining tops for our Slimline and Industrial Pool Dining Tables, this ensures the unique and slim designs of the table aren’t lost. Alternatively, we offer two types of glass dining top, including clear glass or a frosted glass, which can be used on all of our Pool Diners. The final Dining Top option is designed for our Outdoor Pool Table and that is a HPL (high pressure laminate) dining top to withstand the elements.

You can see examples of these dining tops in the images below. With the HPL top in the left image, oak veneered central image and the glass dining top in the right image.

Pool Dining Table Ranges

Modern Pool Dining Table

The Modern Pool Table is available in any size and any game type, although it is recommended to have 6′ or 7′ for English Pool and 8′ or 9′ for American Pool. This range of table can come with a unique mechanism to store the dining top under the table when playing Pool.

The Modern Pool Table has a variety of wood and cloth colours to choose from, as well as 4 different top frame options which you can pick from and has 20 different leg options which include 2 LED leg options (Leg’s 18 and 20). With such a range of options for detailing, this table is ideal to completely personalise, so even though this range of tables is called the Modern range, you can still make your table have a classic traditional feel to it and adapt it to your needs.

The two types of cloth to choose from are Simonis 760 and is a ‘Speed Cloth’ and the Hainsworth Smart which is a ‘Napped Cloth’. It is most common to find a Napped Cloth on a English Pool Table and a Speed Cloth on an American Pool table, but the choice is yours!

The Modern Pool Dining Table is a very practical table as it has the capacity to store the dining tops underneath the table itself to ensure they are safe and out of the way when playing, this can be seen in the below image.

When a ball is pocketed on a Modern Pool Table the ball can be collected in one of the two drawers either side of the table.

Modern Pool Table (fixed height):
Floor to dining top: 797mm
Floor to frame (space for legs): 620mm
Floor to playing surface: 740mm

Contemporary Pool Dining Table

The Contemporary Pool Table has a thinner frame than the Modern Pool table, meaning there is 6cm more leg room available. This table is available in either 6′, 7′ and 8′ sizes, and is compatible for all game types including; English Pool, American Pool, Snooker or Russian Pyramid.

Our Contemporary Pool Dining Table is a well rounded table, in terms of comfort when dining and with the added rise and fall system, is an effective table when playing pool. It is also very diverse in terms of colour and design features, detailed below. This table has the option to come with a matching Oak veneered dining top or a clear or frosted glass top.

This range of table has two different ball collection systems. You can choose either an elastic pocket system, in which the balls remain in the pockets after being pocketed or you can have a ball return system, in which the balls travel down rails under the table into two trays in the middle of the table (the ball return system is not available on our 6′ table). The ball return system can fold away when using the table as a dining table.

Our Contemporary Pool Table has the unique option of a “rise and fall system”. The rise and fall system is a very straight forward and easy process, and just requires a simple lift at either end of the table, and requires no electronics. This system takes the table from a standard dining height to standard pool playing height (6.5cm movement). The rise and fall system process can be seen at the top of this page.

Contemporary Pool Table (fixed height):
Floor to dining top: 797mm
Floor to frame (space for legs): 680mm (more space due to 60mm thinner frame than Modern range).
Floor to playing surface: 740mm

Contemporary with Rise and Fall:
Floor to dining top (when lowered): 752mm
Floor to frame (space for legs) when lowered: 635mm
Floor to playing surface (when lifted): 760mm

Outdoor Pool Dining Table

Our Outdoor Pool Dining Table is available in either 7′ (228cm x 119cm) or 8′ (253cm x141cm) sizes. We recommend 7′ for English Pool or 8′ American Pool, however the choice is yours.

The Outdoor Pool Table is based on our Contemporary Pool Table, but due to the table being made specifically to withstand outdoor conditions the customisation is more limited to ensure the quality is maintained throughout all weather conditions.

Like our Contemporary Pool Table, the Outdoor Pool Table has an elastic pocket system, in which the balls remain in the pockets once a ball has been pocketed, this system can hold up to around 10 balls each.

Our Outdoor Pool Table comes with a professional waterproof cover and dining top as standard. Even if you don’t intend to use the table as a dining table, the top is required to help stop water pooling in the middle of the table when it is covered.

Outdoor Pool Table (fixed height):
Floor to dining top: 797mm
Floor to frame (space for legs): 680mm.
Floor to playing surface: 740mm

Slimline Pool Dining Table

Our stylish Slimline Pool Dining Table is available in either 7′ or 8′ size and can be used to play English and American Pool. We recommend a 7′ sized table for English pool and the 8′ table for American, although the decision is yours to suit what is best for you.

This design of table always it to be used as a stand alone pool table, or thanks to the slim nature of this table, it can be used as a pool dining table. As well as this, the Slimline Pool Dining Table has the additional option to be fitted with a ‘rise and fall’ system, however this can only be fitted with wooden legs. A Table Tennis top can also be purchased with this table.

The Slimline Pool Dining Table has many options for customisation regarding, frame material, frame colour, dining top material and colour as well as cloth colour. This table has other 20 available wood colours to choose from, as well as a vast amount of colours available for the metal frame. The metal frame of the table can be finished in any RAL colour of your choosing and the Oak veneered cushions can be finished in any of the wood colour options. The Slimline Table had two options in regard to dining tops, the option is either a thin matching oak veneered dining top, or a glass dining top, that can be either clear glass or frosted glass.

Further customisation of the Slimline Table allows you to have the option of three leg choices, there are two wood leg options and a metal leg option. All of them are made in matching colour to your table unless you specify otherwise.

Industrial Pool Dining Table

The Industrial Pool Table is available in our 7′ size and can be used to play English Pool, American Pool and Carom.

Like the Slimline Table, this table has a slim design. This allows the Industrial Table to double-up as both a pool table and a dining table.

This table is distinctive as it is only available in a metal frame, the metal frame of the table can be finished in any RAL colour of your choosing. Colours can be found on the webpage through the link in the title.

Our Industrial Pool Dining Table has a very distinctive and abstract look to it, and allows you to have the choice of 2 cloths. Firstly, the Simonis cloth is the top of the range ‘Speed Cloth’ and the Hainsworth Smart is a high quality ‘Napped Cloth’. It is most common to find a Napped Cloth on English Pool and Snooker tables and a Speed Cloth on American Pool and Carom tables, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

This table has the option for additional dining tops, or can be purchased as a stand-alone pool table. There are two options in terms of dining tops, those being a glass dining top (either clear or frosted) or a thin veneered oak dining top. To maintain the slick look of the Industrial Pool Dining Table, we would recommend the glass dining top, and have found this to be the most popular. We also offer an additional Table Tennis Top so you can turn this it into a multi-use games tables.

This Industrial Table has the additional option to come with a ball retrieval system shown in the image below. With this system the balls are collected at the bottom of the table stand.

Farmhouse Pool Dining Table

Our Farmhouse Pool Table has a slight rustic look to it and is available in an 8ft (253cm x 141cm) size and set up for American Pool. This table also has the option to be a Pool Dining Table with the optional matching soft wood dining top.

This table comes in a soft wood finish, in a variety of colours. As well as this the recommenced cloth is Simonis 760 is a ‘Speed Cloth’ which is the cloth usually found on an American Pool table.

Our Farmhouse Pool Dining Table is around 8cm taller than a regular dinning table, therefore,  before purchasing we recommend thinking about a method of compensating for this slightly higher table should be thought about, for example we can offer benches with increased leg size (+4.5cm) to increase the comfort.

Pool Dining Furniture

To complement our Pool Dining Tables we have a nice range of different size benches and stools which can be made to match the wood and finish of one our custom made Pool Tables with a choice of faux leather cushions.

Our benches come in different sizes to fit different size Pool Tables. Benches are available in sizes from 190cm, 152cm, 103cm and we also have a 40cm stool option.

We offer two different leg height options depending on which Pool Dining Table you have. If you have a rise and fall system (only available on the Contemporary and Slimline ranges) on your table which can lower your Pool Dining Table to the standard dining table height (75.2cm) we recommend going for the standard height benches, but if you have a fixed height pool table which has a dining top height of 80cm, we recommend going for the benches with 3 cm longer legs to compensate.


We hope this blog has helped show you all our Pool Dining Table options available here at PoolTables.ch. If you have any question with regards to anything you have read or anything else, please do get in contact, either give us a ring on +41(0)44 580 2178 or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

Many thanks!