Pool Table Benches


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To complement our Pool Dining Tables we have a nice range of benches. They can be made to match the wood and finish of one our custom made Pool Tables with a choice of faux leather cushions.

Our benches come in different sizes to fit different size Pool Tables. Benches are available in sizes from 190cm, 152cm, 103cm and we also have a 40cm stool option.

We offer two different leg height options depending on which Pool Dining Table you have. If you have a rise and fall system on your table which can lower your Pool Dining table to the standard dining table height (76cm) we recommend going for the standard height benches, but if you have a fixed height table which remains 4cm higher (80cm) we recommend going for the benches with 3 cm longer legs to compensate.

Below you will find the wood colour options for the bench legs and also a selection of faux leather cover options. We have a few other choices of faux leathers if you had something else in mind, so please contact us to discuss.

Wood Finish Options


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190 Benches, 152 Benches, 103 Benches, 40 Stool


Standard, + 3cm